At HyerTek, we pride ourselves on being different from our peers. That, indeed, includes thinking outside the box – focusing on more than just technology. We approach every project we take on with enthusiasm and care by considering the needs of people and their environment. As a result, we develop solutions that support our customers in their work; especially, our federal government clientele.


Jack Hyman, CEO of HyerTek Inc.

Jack Hyman
CEO & Founder

Jack Hyman founded HyerTek in 2016 while he was working for an enterprise technology vendor. He realized that so much of what was done in the professional services space, especially in the public sector, could be done better, quicker, and more affordably. 


Jack’s entrepreneurial longing began when he was a toddler working
at his father’s shoe store. All the experiences since then, coupled with more than 20 years of public and private sector IT experience provided the basis for HyerTek. Jack knew that he was capable of creating and sustaining a family-friendly business with an exceptionally skilled workforce, allowing a first-class company like HyerTek to emerge. Under Jack’s leadership, the company is recognized by customers and employees as an IT and Training advisory leader, with a culture focused on building intelligent, affordable technical solutions.


Along with years of working in the tech industry, Jack has spent far too many hours in the classroom, both as a student and professor. His Ph.D. is in Information Systems (Nova Southeastern University), Master’s in Education & Human Development (George Washington University), and Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems from (American University). He has taught courses at the Masters level in the George
Washington University’s Educational Technology department and at the Ph.D. level at University of the Cumberlands. Jack lives in the DC area with his wife and two children.


Desiree Hurtado
Training Director

With over 10+ years of in-person and online teaching experience with learners of all ages, Desiree leads HyerTek’s training team. In teaching nationally and internationally, she has evaluated, improved, created, and delivered educational programs for schools, corporations, and government agencies within the public and private sectors. With her diverse experiences in education, she creates engaging, effective, applicable, ethical, and inclusive, technology-assisted educational programs. Many of her courses have been taught entirely in Spanish! 



When Desiree is not working, she loves to travel, enjoys long hikes, spelunking and camping with her husband and two dogs. To balance the work rigor, she loves to cook, work with plants and renovate homes. Desiree is also a wellness coach, personal trainer, yoga, Pilates, meditation/mindfulness, and cycling instructor.