Human Centered Design

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Human Centered Design: The Key Differentiator

Accessibility, Privacy, & Compliance

At Hyertek, we prioritize accessibility, privacy, and compliance in all digital projects from the beginning. We believe that accessibility, privacy, and compliance should be an integral part of the strategy process rather than an afterthought in the quality assurance stage.

Too often, agencies build projects and try to retroactively ensure compliance with accessibility and privacy laws, such as the ADA and Section 508 guidelines, DHS Trusted Tester or US Web Design Guidelines. This approach is flawed and does not adequately address the needs of all users.. That’s why our accessibility, privacy, and compliance-first approach ensure that compliance and remediation are integrated into every step of the project development process. 

HyerTek also offers VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) remediation services to demonstrate our commitment to creating digital experiences that are inclusive and compliant with all relevant laws and regulations. We believe that every user should have equal access to and protection of their personal information, and we strive to create digital experiences that are accessible and secure for all.

UX & Human Centered Design

Hyertek offers a range of human-centered design services to help high-growth organizations leverage marketing more effectively. Our approach involves candid conversations, strategic thinking, and collaboration between engineers, designers, and client advisors who keep your goals front and center. We use data-driven decision-making to identify the challenges faced by innovative leaders and develop lasting solutions to meet and exceed business goals.

Our human-centered design research involves a relentless pursuit of understanding the needs and motivations of the humans who engage with your brand. We use empathy-based research and strategic innovation to develop effective design solutions that meet your customers’ needs. Our in-house, hybrid, and remote usability testing services are also available to support user experience and human -centered design services. 

Our team is experienced in branding, positioning, messaging, data-driven analytics, and digital marketing. We also offer content marketing and data analysis services to help you understand your audience and develop targeted marketing strategies.

Usability Testing & Research

Usability testing is crucial to ensuring that a product is effective and meets the needs of its target audience. It is a type of research in which user experience (UX) experts evaluate a product or service by testing it with representative users. Typically, usability tests involve participants completing tasks while a moderator observes, listens, and takes notes to collect data that inform product design.

At Hyertek, our usability specialists and researchers conduct usability tests in various domains. Whether you need to ensure product compliance for your government agency, want to ensure GDPR compliance, need to improve your conversion rate or want to determine the usability of your product, a usability test can help you collect qualitative and quantitative data and identify the next steps.

We offer both lab-based and field-based usability testing. In our state-of-the-art usability labs, we create a testing platform that helps us identify and analyze user behavior. We can test a variety of tasks, including mobile usability and app testing, onboarding, e-commerce, search readiness, e-learning measurement, and enterprise tools. Our clients can observe the tests from our comfortable observation rooms or remotely using our secure streaming system. All user interactions are recorded for later review and use in communicating study research findings.

Field testing allows us to gather results about user behavior in real-world environments. We can bring our portable testing equipment to your location or to the location of your users and conduct tests throughout North America. Field testing can be useful for gathering a large number of results quickly and testing products in their intended environments.

At Hyertek, we work with you to create and implement a UI design and test plan that fits into your agile development processes and milestones. We can conduct iterative usability testing to improve the design of your product continuously, and our ultimate goal is to create a design that is tested and ready for release.