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System Modernization Meets Digital Transformation

Where we excel

Enteprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Hyertek is a provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems services. ERPs, are software that helps organizations manage and integrate their day-to-day business activities, such as accounting, procurement, project management, and supply chain operations. These systems provide a centralized and integrated view of an organization's data and processes, which can help improve efficiency and decision-making. Hyertek's ERP systems experience also includes advising and implementing enterprise performance management, reporting and analytics, and forecasting tools to help organizations plan, budget, predict, and report on their financial results.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Hyertek offers customer relationship management (CRM) systems selection advisory, implementation, and maintenance services. A CRM is an enterprise software platform that helps organizations manage and optimize customer interactions and relationships. These systems typically include tools for tracking customer interactions and data, managing customer relationships and analyzing customer data to improve marketing and sales efforts. We specialize in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Hubspot, and

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Hyertek offers a range of human resources information systems (HRIS) and human capital management (HCM) system services including selection advisory, implementation, and maintenance to help organizations successfully deploy and manage these solutions. Our HRIS and HCM systems provide tools for managing employee data, tracking employee performance, and automating HR processes such as payroll and benefits administration. With Hyertek's support, businesses can effectively select and implement the right HRIS and HCM systems for their needs and then rely on our maintenance and support services to ensure smooth and ongoing operations versus legacy operations. This comprehensive approach to HRIS and HCM helps organizations streamline and optimize their HR operations, improving efficiency and productivity while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and laws.

Technical Assessment

Investing in a new technology platform can be a significant financial decision for an organization. To make informed and cost-conscious choices, it can be helpful to conduct a technical assessment of the current IT systems and processes in place. At Hyertek, we offer technical assessment services to help organizations understand their current state and determine if their current systems can support their business needs or if a new solution is necessary.

Our team works with your organization to map out current business processes and identify pain points or areas for improvement. We then consider the future state of the business and the requirements that are holding it back. Based on this information, we can recommend whether the current systems can be modified to meet the needs of the business or if a new solution, such as an ERP, CRM, or HCM system, is necessary.

Our technical assessment services result in a comprehensive roadmap that outlines opportunities for improvement and recommends solutions to address any challenges. We take a holistic approach, considering not just technology but also people and processes, and can help your team focus on the most important areas for transformation. The length of a technical assessment project can vary depending on the size and complexity of the organization.

System Selection

Investing in an enterprise system such as an ERP, CRM, or HR platform is a significant decision that can have long-term consequences for an organization. These systems are typically implemented over a period of 6-24 months and can be expensive, often costing 2-5 times the initial software investment. Because enterprise systems are expected to be in place for 7-10 years, it is important to carefully consider the options available and choose a system that will support the growth and evolution of the organization.

The software selection process can be complex and involve many stakeholders. It is important to not only consider technical fit, but also the culture, financial objectives, and long-term strategy of the organization. Some vendors may claim to be product-agnostic, but it is important to choose a solution that is specifically designed for the needs and goals of your industry.

It is also worth considering options beyond those offered by a vendor that you may already be familiar with. While it may seem convenient to stick with a vendor that you have used in the past, exploring other options could lead to opportunities for growth and improvement that you may not have otherwise considered.”


At Hyertek, we are brand-neutral when it comes to enterprise systems implementation. Our focus is on bringing together the best team of experts to manage your project, regardless of your chosen vendor. Our team includes technical architects, programmatic designers, process managers, change and organizational managers, project managers, and subject matter experts with industry-specific knowledge.

We take a people- and process-first approach to implementation, recognizing that the success of an enterprise system, such as an ERP, CRM, or HCM, depends on how well it fits with the people and processes of the organization. By addressing these issues upfront, we can ensure that the technology implementation will be successful. Our team uses agile methodologies to balance the project’s people, process, and technology tasks, ensuring that the solution is tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

If you are looking for a consultancy that prioritizes people, processes, and technology in its approach to implementation, consider Hyertek.