SharePoint Increases Organizational Productivity, Engagement & Efficiency

As a Microsoft Solution Partner, HyerTek understands the complexity that organizations face with data sprawl, collaboration, business process automation, and unified communications. These problems are all too common, whether a small business or a multi-national enterprise looks to implement collaboration solutions. To be successful, you need a consultancy that can identify core processes, establish a core information architecture for the business data, configure the roles and responsibilities to be proper, and, yes, integrate tooling that increases, not decreases, business productivity.

Our experienced team of Microsoft Certified Professionals can help you get from Point A to B. Whether you are building your first SharePoint Portal or need to reimagine your platform to realize better ROI, our team is amply capable of delivering on this mission.

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Common Collaboration Concerns

On-Premise to Online Migrations

Legacy technologies and data loads concern even the most sophisticated IT team. We can help with the transition from your servers to the cloud.

Product Viability & Integration

There are many collaborative platforms on the market with tools that can supposedly integrated. Is SharePoint right for your organization?

Planning to Maintenance Mode

You are a small organization and have limited IT resources, or perhaps you need to outsource your SharePoint operation. We can handle the full SharePoint lifecycle.

Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud

Your team wants the SharePoint portal to be a single hub for social, analytics aggregation, and also available via mobile device. We can make this happen!

SharePoint & Collaboration Service Offerings

Platform Capabilities


Workflow & Security



     As a Microsoft Partner, HyerTek is positioned to help you innovate with Microsoft technologies. Whether your goal is to create a Microsoft-first ecosystem or integrate other best-in-class enterprise solutions into a SharePoint Portal to improve the user experience and create organizational synergies, we can help you achieve such a mission. Given our deep industry experience with SharePoint and a host of other world-class vendor technologies platforms, your team can trust HyerTek to deliver a best-in-class SharePoint project that is affordable, scalable, and user friendly.
     Our team is comprised of expert business analysts, architects, and developers with hands-on SharePoint delivery experience in a variety of industry and organizational sizes. Contact us today to begin the conversation on how HyerTek can take your SharePoint vision from imagination to reality.