What are Enterprise Systems?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and human resources information (HRIS) and human capital management (HCM) systems are types of software used by organizations to to manage their day-to-day business activities. 


Functions such as accounting, procurement, project management, contract management, sales development, risk and compliance, asset management, global workforce activities, and supply chain operations are supported by ERP, CRM, or HR Systems. These systems may include enterprise performance management, reporting and analytics, and forecasting tools to help organizations plan, budget, predict, and report on an organization’s past, present, and future financial results.


Modern ERP, CRM, and HR systems integrate many business processes, enabling constant data flow. These systems eliminate data duplication across an enterprise by collecting organizational knowledge through transactional data sources.


Whether you are a startup or a Fortune 100 organization, an ERP, which often includes facets of CRM and HR functionality, can be a catalyst for managing your business operations. An ERP is often the single tool that acts as the source of reasoning to keep a business afloat. An ERP often contains the bulk of your operational business processes, as seen below. A CRM and HR System may be highly desirable if the organization requires finite customer-sales data or maintains a complex portfolio of people data in managing its workforce.


A Global View of ERP, CRM, and HCM Modules:

Industries We Support in ERP, CRM, and HR System Advisor

HyerTek has worked with clients of varying sizes to transform their existing ERP, CRM, and HR System platforms. Key industries we’ve worked with in providing a variety of advisory services include:

Assessing your Organization's Needs

Technology Assessment

Making an investment in a new technology platform can be pretty costly. You know your organization’s technology infrastructure, its processes, the people that run day-to-day operations, and the quirks in the system. Sometimes, organizations need an objective assessment to document the pain points or perhaps another set of eyes to properly document operations so that it is clear how the business actually operates. Doing so can help make more informed, price-conscious decisions.


With our technical assessment services, we work alongside your team as facilitators in examining your current IT systems, including mapping your current state business processes at a high level. Then, we transition from the past to the future state processes to determine those business requirements holding back the organization today. Based on these two states, the HyerTek team is capable of determining if your current systems can support your current business needs or if you require a next-generation technical solution. We weigh the pros and cons with you, from tweaking the people and processes today to breaking out the cost of various implementation flavors, should that be the route your organization decides it will take.


The end product is HyerTek producing a comprehensive roadmap that reveals the opportunities for improvement, from your technical assets to how your people operate in their digital world. Our consulting services will help your team laser focus on what solutions require a refresh. We assess which functions in your business are struggling, which are thriving, and which can use a bit of care through a system such as ERP, CRM, or HCM.


The length of a project such as this varies depending on the complexity and size of your organization. Remember though, this is not just a technology discussion! We will also discuss people and processes, cultivating conversations on your business strategy, which is the essence of technical transformation.

System Selection

Investing in an ERP, CRM, or HR Platform is not the same as investing in your everyday piece of software like Microsoft Office. The average organization will spend 6 – 24 months implementing an enterprise system. That investment can be hefty, often 2 – 5x the price of their initial year software investment. Perhaps even more!

An enterprise system often remains in place for 7-10 years. Whatever you do, you want to ensure that the technology that powers your finance and operations can grow with your organization with you, not against your business growth trajectory. Don’t take the decision lightly; investing in the selection process is a critical first step in your journey.


Many vendors claim to be product-agnostic when known as a leader in an industry vertical. For example, would you acquire a project-based ERP solution specifically designed for the Government Contracting space when your business focus is in the Automotive Industry? Probably not!


Going through the software selection process alone can be a daunting task, regardless of your organization size. A software selection involves many stakeholders, not just one or two key personnel. A final decision requires a method whereby your team doesn’t just measure technical fit but also understands its culture, financial objectives, and long-term strategy.


Companies often assume one vendor will be the perfect fit for them because they have already utilized many products and services from a said vendor, only to find out that other options can help accelerate their growth in unimaginable ways.


Want to learn who might be your industry’s perfect fit? Contact us today to learn more.


HyerTek is brand-neutral when it comes to our loyalty to implementing enterprise systems. Our approach to implementation is a bit different from most traditional consultancies. We bring in the very best industry experts to manage your targeted implementation. Once you decide on what vendor you’d like to use for your specific software selection, we assemble a best-in-class team of project management and technical experts who know how to run your project.


HyerTek takes a team-based approach because implementing an enterprise solution cannot be done by a single individual; it requires the talent of many skilled individuals. Our talent pool has advanced expertise in skills ranging from technical architecture, programmatic design, process management, change and organizational management, project management, and subject matter experts tailored to your industry. Each of our projects takes a people and process-first approach. Once you successfully address your people and process issues, the technology implementation will succeed.


Since enterprise systems such as an ERP, CRM, or HCM system act as the glue to keep the lights on in most organizations, ensuring people and processes match the technology fit is paramount. Suppose you don’t address the principal failures in the organization, namely the way people work and how things are done in the past. In that case, bad habits will carry forward when implementing the next generation solution. That’s why our team acts as navigators balancing people, process, and technology tasks, applying agile methodologies to all system deliverables.


If you are looking for a consultancy focused on measuring implementation success based on people, processes, and technology, consider HyerTek!