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HyerTek partners with federal agencies for three reasons:

  • We want to ensure that citizens are given the best opportunities, because optimized government means better quality of life.
  • We believe that government can be one the greatest catalyst for growth and innovation. When tangible change is realized in government, the world we live in becomes a better place to live for all generations.
  • Our team is dedicated to working with stakeholders at all levels of government to promote best-in-class data-driven, enterprise solutions that can transform people and processes. 
  • Our solutions, most of which are technology-driven, have the potential to change the lives of others and solve real-life problem


As a federal government IT services and training firm, we understand there is no better way to reach out to the greater community and transform organizations than with targeted solutions that are people and process driven. Our services are all grounded in one common goal which is to meet the user’s needs and the institutional goal. We serve federal, state, and local clients under the following NAICS Code:

Key Government Data