From helping organizations realize their learning needs, to the creation and delivery of the custom instructional program, HyerTek can provide organizations and their learners with the skills they need to perform their job. Now more than ever, companies are investing in training programs to increase employee performance in-house. Whether it is creating a custom training course tailored to a proprietary business topic or perhaps the organization wanting to learn new technology, HyerTek has a training solution that can support your team’s needs. 

Courseware Development & Instructional Design

Instructional Design and Courseware Development

Instructional and courseware design allows an organization to take unique knowledge and systematically develop training on their terms. The learning is purpose-built to be effective and memorable. Companies such as HyerTek take the time to get to know the learner profile, not just build the content to meet a specification. Our goal is to help our customers achieve the desired behavior and learning outcome. By using the best learning modality, which might include e-learning, m-learning, microlearning, job-aids, gamification, or ILT/VILT, we help translate skills into training platforms that support learner diversity. 
Data Analytics

Evaluation & Assessment

A key to building a strong training program is to focus on learning strategy. With a focus on learning strategy, you’ll realize the opportunity for change: performance and behavioral-based.  As training consultants, your goal is to identify learner and business needs, craft result-oriented experiences, cultivate engaging platforms of learning such as workshops and online communication mediums and constantly innovate with hybrid learning solutions. HyerTek consultants offer services including educational technology assessments, needs analysis evaluations, and conduct performance mapping appraisals.
Distance Education HyerTek

Learning Technologies

In the past two decades, the traditional classroom has shifted to the online environment. E-Learning is no longer a desktop-based only activity either. Now, there are hundreds of platforms specifically designed for mobile and micro-learning. With close to 1000 platforms on the market, some specific to corporate America while others are still tried and accurate to the education market, can you quickly narrow down the best learning management system (LMS) to your organization or institution’s needs? Some may try to go at this alone, utilizing recommendations from colleagues, review sites, and a few ad hoc vendor demonstrations. But, is this really the best approach to narrowing the field for an investment that will impact a diverse population of users for years to come. That’s why you need to bring in an expert to help you gather the requirements and help you manage your learning technologies, whether it is for the vendor selection process or the day-to-day operations.  At HyerTek, we can help you select the best online learning technology for your organization. We can even help you build a custom learning solution in a collaborative platform such as SharePoint. Our team can transform the content to be mobile-ready or micro-focused. Our team has hands-on experience with the 30+ industry-leading LMS platforms include Blackboard LMS, Moodle, Adobe Captivate Prime, Canvas, Docebo, and Schoology.