Become a Research Client

IT Consulting and Research Services

What we offer our clients

When you need unbiased, reliable research, an introduction to the right experts and answers can be costly. It shouldn’t be. Here is what we offer:
Dedicated Research Expert

You are assigned a technology industry research expert to guide your project from start to finish. These are experts who have “been there done that” so they know how to navigate the industry flawlessly.

Personal Research Platform

Every client sees their deliverables and work product created in real-time. Don’t worry about your research being created in a bubble. Our team makes your project a collaborative effort.

All-Inclusive Research Pricing

We do not charge by the hour or the expert. HyerTek offers our clients time-based delivery options. Choose from an all-inclusive package available per quarter, per half-year, or per year.

Agnostic, Trusted Results

All projects are crafted using an agnostic industry point of view. We do not rely on a single source unless you ask us to rely upon it. Think of HyerTek Research as the “Doctors of IT Research.”

Unparalleled Access to Resources

HyerTek goes beyond the expert interview to provide you insights. We access the world’s top scholars, primary, and secondary literature, industry news sources, and conduct independent investigations to validate your research questions. Our answers are not hypotheticals; they are validated.

Industry Partnerships

Unlike other research organizations that focus on every vertical, we focus on IT exclusively. Why? We leverage our vendor and distributor partnerships to better understand the market trends – past and present. We reach into the organization as a neutral party to better serve your needs.

Affordability & Quality

Research data can be expensive. Gaining valuable insights into making a critical business decision should not be a gamble to your budget. We’ve developed a process to streamline the acquisition of data to ensure affordability and reliability. In working with clients, we’ve recognized an average cost savings of 68% and average project delivery of 3 weeks.