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There are many expert networks and consulting marketplaces that claim to have the very best talent. When you engage with these firms, are you confident that their resources are industry best-of-breed?

Most expert networks and consulting marketplaces rely on experts that provide answers to fit the firm’s budget, ensuring they get the maximum margin for that resource. The expert is not necessarily the best.

That’s where we are different. The TekSTAR℠ Advisory platform activates our research platform for each engagement using one of four approaches.

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TekSTAR℠ Strategize

Leaders often look for answers to make proper investment decisions.

Technology is changing rapidly, and the cost to keep up with the change should not be questioned. Our TekSTAR Strategize offering enables CxO, Director, and Professional Service teams to leverage our research platform to gain insight into data that may not be available, easily accessible, or understood. 

That is where we can help as the technology translators and strategy experts to your team. 

TekSTAR℠ Analyze

Data analysis, both qualitative, and quantitative, in the IT industry is subjective at best. Our TekSTAR Analyze offering gives you, the client, the option on how deep, and wide you want us to conduct your research analysis using a variety of survey methodologies – at a fraction of the cost of most traditional research houses. 

TekSTAR℠ Researcher

TekSTAR Researcher offers our clients a full-scope independent research service to conduct in-depth studies. Our team uses primary and secondary research, industry partner sources, our network of thousands of industry veterans, and hands-on investigation to provide your team with the answers it seeks.

Our service offering allows you to define the parameters of the project – research briefing, whitepaper, executive presentation, M&A analysis, due diligence engagement, and more.

TekSTAR℠ Complete

If your organization is looking for a complete research solution to strategize, analyze, and research the industry’s latest trends, HyerTek offers TekSTAR Complete. We tailor your research needs to fit your budget and objectives – not ours.

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