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Systems Integration

Systems integration coordinates complex digital marketing processes by bringing together different software programs and marketing solutions. As such, our services help marketers gain full management of their activities.

Digital marketing tools, such as Google Analytic, rely on a dedicated API system to enable tracking code and create data visualization customization. Our API services let you take back control of your tools.

Improving your marketing process relies on the constant analysis and review of existing methods. We assist marketers in mapping out their process and benchmark performance for improvement. We also dedicate our optimization services to helping you boost your results by providing improved manageability and upgradability for digital marketing resources and solutions.

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We offer dedicated commerce solutions to tackle the digital marketing needs of retail businesses as well as a personalized end-to-end eCommerce program. Our customer-focused commerce solutions and support provide an innovative approach to solve technological challenges, regardless of the size of your business. We prioritize your cybersecurity and user-friendly solutions that make it easier to build a robust commerce strategy. From internal commerce processes to secure transactions and reliable filters and stock displays, we put our technology at the service of your business growth.

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Blockchain is changing digital marketing, and we’re seizing the opportunity to create a safe and authentical platform of exchange for partnerships, transactions, advertising, and data management. Blockchain technology allows marketers to pass and store information safely, as each block of data is secured and bound using cryptographic elements. As such, it can enhance digital rights for the customers and allow companies to provide transparent exchange about their processes, including transactions. Are you considering how to make the most of blockchain technology to improve and simplify your digital marketing performance? Take a look at our Blockchain offering and custom solutions.

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Website & Application Development

Websites and their app counterpart are a widespread digital interaction in the marketing world as it enables companies to deliver targeted online solutions via a web browser. The app can be hosted on a secure network but the information is stored on a separate network. As such, you can create an interactive and engaging tool to capture customer data or display marketing intelligence within a webpage. We are offering a web app and website development service to support digital transformation and super features to enhance digital marketing strategies and interactions with your audience group. Building a self-contained and trackable web app for marketing service or campaign doesn’t have to be a painful process.

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Mobile App Design & Development

Mobile apps count for 89% of mobile media time, split between approximately 18 apps. However, the average smartphone user has 40 apps installed, which means that designing mobile apps that stand out from the crowd is crucial. Digital marketers can’t afford to miss the opportunity to engage with their audience group. When the average smartphone conversion rate is up to 64% via apps, the need for tailored mobile apps has never been greater. Our team of experts is dedicated to supporting digital marketing strategies with our mobile app development services. We can help your business with a custom app and develop the necessary cloud application system for both your customers and your internal users.

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Content Management & Migration

Content creation is at the heart of digital marketing strategies. However, we understand that standard content management tools can be limited when it comes to meeting your unique business requirements. We are dedicated to creating an enterprise-level content management service that enables your team to access, digest, design, and manage content from anywhere. For more complex marketing activities, we also provide support regarding content automation and dedicated content governance to protect your information and credibility. You can focus on creating content that brings people together, while we do the rest for you.

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