Innovate. Integrate.

We bring together people and processes at the intersection of technology. We do so by delivering best-in-class IT-based knowledge solutions and training engagements to global organizations. 

| Who We Are |

HyerTek is a group of technologists, strategists, thinkers, & educators. 

We believe that everyone should get the very best experience, whether you are a commercial or federal client. Every day, our team is focused on helping our clients deliver best-in-class technology and training solutions that meet their personal needs and objectives. We value our partnerships and want to build long-lasting relationships with our customers by giving them the very best experience. 

| What We Do |

The work we do brings together our clients in order to solve their most complex problems, help shape their knowledge, and create business efficiencies.

While technology is not thought of as an “address the people first business,” that’s our philosophy. How can you deliver solutions an organization will embrace if your stakeholders don’t buy-in or understand how things will work from the very start. We understand that technology is quite complex, and the technical disciplines our business covers are niche. Our team brings the expertise to the table in six core business areas. You can be assured that you are in good hands when you work with Team HyerTek. The end goal is simple: focusing on positive outcomes that result in greater business efficiency and affordability. 

Cloud Solutions

Advanced Analytics

Cyber & Intelligence

Enterprise Applications

Digital Marketing


| Work For Us |

The HyerTek team is talented, smart, and experts in their craft. If you’re interested in joining our team, send us a note or check out our careers page.