About Hyertek

HyerTek is an information technology products, training, and services firm that has been serving our clients and building partnerships with leading tech producers and manufacturers since 2016. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, we work with clients from all around the world to solve some of the most complex technical systems, training, and research challenges that today’s businesses experience. Since our founding, we’ve worked diligently to develop our capabilities with the intention of offering our clients a world-class suite of technology products, professional services, and comprehensive training courses.

Today, we proudly embrace our reputation as a dedicated provider of education, research services, and technology offerings that allow our clients to improve their business through a combination of Cloud, mobile, analytics, security, and collaboration platforms built on leading IT infrastructure.

Throughout our time in business, we’ve worked with a number of clients across a wide range of industry sectors. For us, nothing is more important than building bridges and connecting our clients to the right technology solutions that they need.

Some of our current and past clients include

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission
At  Hyertek, our mission is simple – we’re driven to provide our clients with the most advanced, cutting-edge, and innovative technology, training, and research solutions available on the market. Through a comprehensive suite of professional services and training courses, we work to equip our clients with the resources that they need to take their business processes and operations to a whole new level.

Our Vision
We like to envision ourselves as more than just a technology firm – in our minds, we’re working towards something bigger. With every client we serve, we’re constantly striving to bring new technologies into the workplace, so that our clients can continue to reap the benefits of an increasingly digitized world and grow their business to new heights.