IT Consulting and Research Services

Five Ways to Know Your Knowledge Experts are Credible

Knowledge experts are in high demand, and while there are many so-called “thought-leaders,” there are also some false prophets that claim they know more than they do.

Becoming a Technology Knowledge Expert as a Non-Executive

Expert networks provide an excellent platform to create opportunities for experienced technological experts with knowledge that can assist in making game-changing decisions in the industry.

8 Ways To Transition Your Organization To a Virtual Workforce

Here are eight tips to consider when transitioning an organization to a Virtual Workforce.

Building a Winning Technology-Driven Marketing Strategy

Marketing technology helps you implement strategies that are personalized and precise to target customers. Technology allows people to do what people do best, find the right approach to reach their customers. But you still need to know who your customer is and their journey.

Expert Networks – Do They Really Deliver Specialized Expertise?

Expert networks offer various models to engage with different clients from the financial services industry to management consulting firms. Their services can range from phone consultations, research surveys, training sessions, and long-term strategic projects.