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Success relies on knowledge. We believe that a successful company is built on practical and strategic training that can move the business forward. As such, we provide a series of training solutions that are beneficial both from the perspective of IT support and professional development. At an age where technology tackles increasing demands for innovative processes and collaborative processes, it is indispensable for professionals of all industry sectors to improve their understanding and skills of the most relevant solutions for their jobs.

Google for Education Training & Professional Development

The need for interactive classrooms and remote lessons is forcing teachers and educators to diversify their skills. The teacher is not only the figure of authority in the physical class. He or she is also a digital mentor who needs to make lessons more relevant in a digital-active society. As such, Google provides a free and interactive online platform for educators. Teachers can obtain a certification for the Google for Education platform, which enables them to make the most of the tool in the classroom. Additionally, Google Certification can also make your professional profile more attractive to tech-friendly education centers.

What can education professionals expect to learn? They can learn how to use dedicated accessibility features to support students with different learning abilities. They can encourage other teachers to create digital content and create benefits for the school. They can help their students to manage their online presence safely.

Google Cloud Engineer Training

When the business world is moving to the cloud, professionals need to learn how to configure and set up a safe cloud environment. The Google Cloud Platform training program encourages individuals to feel more confident about using cloud technology. Additionally, Google Cloud Certified professionals can assume more responsibility in their everyday work and boost their careers accordingly.

With a variety of certifications available, we recommend our clients begin their GCP journey with the Associate Cloud Engineer certification, which can enhance engineer skills and offer higher pay opportunities. 

Microsoft Training & Advisory

It’s impossible to mention tech training without talking about the diverse business-friendly Microsoft training programs available.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 covers all the tech requirements of one of the most popular CRM systems for business. The training prepares users to the Dynamics certifications, ensuring that you can level up your career. Additionally, mastering the configuration and deployment of the Dynamics application can dramatically improve your business customer interactions and reputation.

We offer SharePoint training for individuals who need assistance with their intranet and content management system. SharePoint creates a unique solution to information exchange and unity that brings the organization together.

Our Microsoft 365 offers a connected experience to business productivity by encompassing traditional applications such as Web or PowerPoint, but also cloud services, device management, and advanced security response. Certifications are designed to support business integration, deployment, and team cooperation for growth.

Microsoft PowerApps enables individuals to build apps without code knowledge to support your business and clients.

PowerBI makes sense of business intelligence by enabling users to create compelling data visualizations and gain an overview of the best BI practice. The tool can be helpful for both business owners and expert analysts.

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Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer, All-In-One written by our
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