Data Analytics & BI imply that there is an infrastructure needed to handle the data deluge that comes with aggregation, cleansing, analysis, and reporting. When data gets complex, there may be a need to conduct programmatic exercises or perhaps visualize the dataset to make sense of it all. Many organizations are unsure of how to manage their data, which is why governance, warehousing, and management protocols are needed: to ensure that complex needs can be met while implementing tailored business solutions. 

Types of Analytics that Benefit from Consultancy


A common thread among each data analytic and BI type listed is the need to evaluate disparate datasets, cleanse and extract valuable insights, and produce outputs that are likely visual in the form of reports, dashboards, or KPIs.


For some organizations, though, the problem is more technical in nature. There is a need to virtualize the datasets, gain trust, and qualify the data before extracting, transporting, and loading it into a data analysis and business intelligence platform. Whether the business need is technical or research-centric, HyerTek can support your data and business intelligence needs with one of our service offerings, powered by industry-leading vendor solutions and partnerships.

Data Platform Selection

We work with your team to develop a complete analytics strategy from data capture to analysis. We also help you build a modern data platform, allowing you to carry out your analysis activities in a hosting setup to match organizational needs.

Managed Data Analytics

Instead of having a data analyst team on staff, HyerTek can carry out your analysis activities on a recurrent or ad-hoc basis. We will mutually agree upon the best tools to support your engagement with a predictable price point each time. 

Analytics Strategy

Starting an analytics journey or needing to adjust your current processes? With strategy consulting we help you develop an optimal data analytics approach. We guide you on how to design, develop, implement and improve one or more data analytics solutions.

Implement &

HyerTek designs and implements an analytics solution with the necessary functionality to address your past, present, and future data analytics needs. We take into account how to scale up as your data needs grow. Your data analytics solution may include features such as data virtualization, data warehousing, data visualization, master data management, and governance services. Whatever the scope might be, we can help solve your analytics challenges.

Data Management Consulting

Data can get bent out of shape over time. That’s why you may want to repurpose your systems as your data footprint grows. HyerTek offers an array of services from Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) design and implementation, data governance (data security, quality, availability), data warehousing (design and refresh), big data (infrastructure setup and support, capture and reporting), and data science (preparation and management, development and refinement, ML/AI modeling, data mining) service.

Data Analytics & BI Training

Continuously needing to learn all the ins-and-outs of the latest data analytics and business intelligence tools can be daunting. At HyerTek, we have created custom training offerings for Data Management, Data Science, Power BI, Tableau, and other data-centric topics. We can also work with your team to craft a data analytics program suited to your organization’s individual need.